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Water & Sewer Digester

sweage_digesterWater and Sewage Disgester Restoration.  Millenium Restoration has significant experience in cleaning and restoring water digester and sewer digesters.   Cleaning and Restoration of digesters can return sluggish, overloaded and even inoperable digester tanks back to full operating capacity.  It will also extend the life of the steel, metal or concrete containers.  As  a result of time, overloading, lack of adequate oxidation time, loss of gas recovery, or invasion of crustacea, grit and debris, will cause a waste water digester to function at a small percentage of its capacity, or shut down. When this occurs, immediate and thorough cleaning is required.

Expert Trained on Digesters.  Millennium has trained and experienced personnel to handle the flushing, pumping, venting and safety equipment to quickly and safely remove all organic and inorganic materials that interfere with the operation of the digester.  Using pressurized water we remove, transport and dispose of residual solids. Remaining material is slurried into a semi-liquid form and easily removed and discharged.

Digester Restoration Process.  Once the digester is drained, we perform the cleaning and restoration process.  With a variety of cleaning and restoration options we can sandblast or media blast the container, equipment, intake, outflow areas preparing the surfaces for and refinishing of all surfaces of the covers with high performance epoxy coatings.