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Boilers, Tanks & Vessels

water tank sandblastingRestoration of Fuel and Water Tanks, Vessels and Boilers.  Millenium Restoration provides cleaning, repair, restoration and refinishing of any metal tank.   Over time oxidation results in corrosion which results in leaks or inefficient operation.  Rather than purchase new containers – it’s very cost effective to restore rather than replace.  Our crews sandblast, weld leaks and internally coat the old tank with a two-part epoxy and these repairs can add 5 to 10 years of life to the equipment. In addition to saving money, sandblasting or media blasting reduces downtime.

Abrasive Cleaning Options.  Depending on the project we have multiple options to clean and restore.  Sandblasting and media blasting offer a variety of material that can be used in stripping and preparation process including sand, baking soda, crushed walnuts, corn cob, recycled glass, metal slag and metal shot.

Epoxy Coatings Application.  Depending on material stored inside of the tank project we have multiple options for protecting and sealing the metal interior.  This is a critical step in the restoration process because it important select the right product for each job to insure that the integrity of the metal surface is protected.  Selecting the right epoxy coatings with proper cure times which offers an impervious seal to fuel type will prevent the return of rust and corrosion  is unique in that it will penetrate and galvanize itself to the tank walls forming a moisture proof barrier.  The correct coating, installed properly, will adhere itself to the structural metal forming a permanent seal.