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Mobile Blasting

Mobile_SandBlastingMobile Sandblasting. Many of our customers have special jobs that cannot be brought into our yard to be sandblasted. These kinds of job require on-site blasting.  With so many requests we invested in building our own mobile sandblasting equipment to service our growing list of customers.

Wide Range of Options.  Millennium Restoration offers on-site mobile sandblasting for almost any application.   Depending on the job we can bring our equipment to your site in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.  We have the equipment and expertise to clean and restore anything that’s rusted or dirty, no matter where it’s located in our region.

Multiple Blasting Options.  Our mobile blasting options include sand and media blasting options (like crushed walnuts or recycled glass).  We offer traditional sand or media blasting options – new recycled glass media or walnut blasting with a small amount of water and a rust inhibitor, making the process faster and more efficient than traditional sandblasting or soda blasting. We can quickly remove adhesives, paints, solvents, glues, etc. including graffiti.  Clean up is quick and easy and there is little runoff or waste.

Mobile sandblasting includes jobs like:

  • Industrial buildings
  • Fixed industrial equipment
  • Oil/Gas well drilling equipment
  • Cement walkways
  • Block walls
  • Building restoration
  • Trucks & Cars & Motorcycle Frames
  • brick buildings
  • swimming pools
  • dumpsters,
  • truck frames,
  • boats