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Metal Statues & Wrought Iron

statue_sandblastingPrecision Metal & Concrete Cleaning.  Millennium Restoration offers cleaning and restoration of statues, collectibles antiques, wrought iron railings,  and fragile items.  Call us for a free estimate on any item that has been exposed to the environment and requires proper restoration.

Multiple Cleaning Options.  Not every product is suitable for sandblasting that’s why we offer media blasting using materials like recycled glass, plastic, crushed walnuts and more.  Each of the options has pros and cons and based on the item we can determine what will provide the best outcome for the project.

Mobile and Local Facilities.  We offer both mobile (we come to you) or we are fully equipped with paint booths, fully heated shop facilities for year round operations, and blast booths.

Examples of Items Cleaned.  Metal Statues, Ornaments, Lawn Furniture, Antiques, Cars, Farm Equipment, Wrought Iron Railings, Doors, Fences and more.  Call us for a Free Quote.