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Concrete & Metal Pools

metal_and_concrete_pool_restorationMetal Pools and Concrete Pool Restoration.  Over time – water pressure and chemicals can destroy the integrity of the pools surface.  Once this happens leaks can occur.  Proper maintenance and a secure finish coating are required to ensure the integrity of the structure.  Millennium-Restoration has been cleaning, restoring and refinishing metal and concrete pools in Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE) and Maryland (MD) since 1998.

Proper Pool Restoration.  There is art and science when resorting a pool.  First, we evaluate the existing pool coating to determine compatibility with the new paint. Second we must determine how to prepare the surface so that whatever coating will adhere the best.  We also evaluate vapor transmission and joint expansion. Materials are evaluated for immersion, chemical resistance, cure time, and more.

Multiple Blasting Options.  Every pool is different.  Whether is a private homeowners pool, municipal pool, waterpark or fountain – we have options for cleaning including sandblasting and media blasting and multiple options for epoxy coatings and colors.