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Marine & Boats

marine_sandblastingMarine & Boat Sandblasting and Restoration.  Millennium Restoration provides expert cleaning and restoration to Boats, Docks and other marine related surfaces.  

Tough on Sensitive Projects.  Cleaning boat hulls is sensitive work – you have to know what you are doing when using blasting techniques.  Not every job is the same so we have multiple options available to us for each project.  We use sandblasting, soda blasting, media blasting (recycled glass) options to strip and clean metal and fiberglass boat bottom paint without damaging your gel coat on the fiberglass.  Our process is clean and efficient with dustless options.  

Protect Your Investment.  By removing paint you increase the life of your boat as well as knot speed while in the water. We have mobile equipment and will come to your boatyard or your storage location to complete this process. We are eco-friendly and environmentally safe for all areas. 

Painting & Refinishing.   We only use water-based ablative antifouling bottom paint –  low in VOC’s, applied in multiple coats.

Services Performed.

  • Sandblasting
  • Priming
  • Painting
  • Welding repairs
  • Prep
  • Clean Up